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5 Major Benefits to Hiring a Marketing Partner For Your Business.

Why do I need a marketing partner?

Good question. Why do you need an accountant? Or a lawyer? Or even a tech-support manager? If you spend enough time, you can create your business contracts, or do your company taxes, perhaps even figure out how to troubleshoot your IT issues. But that’s neither a realistic nor a sustainable approach to business, is it?

So, that’s one very good reason to hire a marketing partner.

Who exactly is a marketing partner?

A marketing partner who is aligned to your business works with you throughout your customer journey, manages your brand/business effectively and efficiently, and helps you boost your revenues.

They are –

· Involved in a strategic marketing plan and executing the same.

· Integrated with your sales process and strategy.

· Responsible for the organic growth of your business.

For most business owners and managers, doing things on their own, is a very natural part of their entrepreneurial trait. They know what’s best for their business. However, no one person can be a superhero and do everything. That is why, like tax, legal, or IT, marketing also requires an expert professional to drive your ideas and achieve your business goals.

Even the top businesses around the world are investing in outsourcing marketing resources. Despite having the budget to hire an expansive in-house team, most big companies invest 10-12% of their marketing budget on partnering with outside agencies/professionals to implement and manage their marketing operations.

If you are looking for more reasons, then check out these benefits of onboarding a marketing partner for your business.

Five great benefits a marketing partner.

Expertise, knowledge, and experience.

When you partner up with a marketing professional, you are not just buying operational services, rather, you are investing in expertise and experience. Marketing professionals are trained to have specialised skills and knowledge of marketing strategies, plans, content creation, navigating social media, collateral designing, website development, and everything that your business needs to boost sales and achieve growth.


Cost control is that fine line that determines the success or failure of your business. And it’s no secret that businesses are constantly striving to improve their bottom line, year on year. One of the major expenses that businesses incur is the manpower cost. But it’s not just the wage/salary. Cost per hire also means payroll taxes, pensions, training and development, benefits, and other hidden costs. So, even if you want to have a tight-knit marketing team, it would still need at least 4-5 people – a content/copywriter, a graphic designer, a developer/programmer, a social media expert, and a marketing manager to supervise and lead the team.

While you may think that a marketing partner will also have their share of costs, it would not include onboarding costs, pension, training, or other fringe items. They know what channels to choose, what will fit your budget, and how you can reach your customers easily. Thus, they can manage your marketing costs and generate more profit, while saving you from creating expensive mistakes.


Time is money. And saving time can also save a lot of costs. For instance, to reduce your overheads on experienced employees, there’s always the option of hiring freshers and interns, but will that match your expectations of quality output? They would need training and regular mentoring to grow through their learning curve and get into the skin of your business to perform optimally. And what happens if the leadership team doesn’t have the necessary time?

That addresses the time management problem, which your marketing partner can easily solve. Marketing partners come in ready to get started from the time you onboard them. So, when you add up the costs of all interns and their training costs, it would add up to more than what you would pay a marketing partner, for half the time spent.

Customised, tailor-made approach.

Most marketing partners work with varied clients, across different verticals. This gives them exposure to the requirements of each and how to navigate the challenges in every industry space. They understand what it takes to build a customised solution for your business from the ground up. It also makes them specialists in their respective domains. This goes a long way in growing your brand and in a sustainable way.

Unbiased and outward perspective to the business.

It’s a fact that when people are too close to their business, there’s always a chance of developing a blind spot, which can affect operational activities. In such a scenario, having an outsourced marketing professional can give you a fresh perspective. Because they see your business and your brand from the outside, they are unbiased and look at things objectively. Being separate from the company culture, they are not worried about getting personal. If you already have a marketing plan in motion, then, they will evaluate and optimise it to get the best results. If you don’t, then they will create one for you based on market insights and your business goals.

One more reason

A marketing partner is not a luxury but a necessity in these times. In the presently changing and challenging business environment, outsourcing for marketing is vital for your business growth and sustenance. With our in-depth industry insights and dedicated services, we can help you with a customisable, scalable, and consistent marketing program.

Are you ready to find your marketing support? Drop us a line to find out how

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