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We believe that diversity is the key to creativity.

At Melo Marketing, we are proud to have some of the most talented professionals of writers, strategists, and designers. Each of our team members come with years of experience in their individual domains and bring their valuable expertise and knowledge to the table. It is this holistic crew of marketing engineers that collectively create an unforgettable brand.

Emily Smith – Marketing - also known as Em

As a marketing professional with 15+ years of experience, I have worked in-house, and as an external marketing partner with a number of blue-chip companies, businesses, and brands across Ireland and UK. Each role was equally exciting and challenging, taking me to the next level.


Throughout my career I have met and worked with some great entrepreneurs and clients who have allowed me to be creative and gave me the opportunity to push the boundaries in their respective domains. Each sector has been vastly different from the previous, and that’s what gave me the skills to learn, adapt, and understand them in-depth. It ensured that I was always flexible in thoughts and approach. It only fueled the entrepreneurial mind I was born with. For years, observing brands and businesses, I would challenge myself with the questions - "If I worked for them, how would I do that?”


Soon, the question changed to “If I worked for your brand...... " That’s how I started Melo Marketing. Some of the wonderful and creative people I met over the course of my career, became my team.

I have hand-picked a small team of incredible talent that includes graphic designers, web developers and copy/content writers. Their skills, expertise and knowledge, when coupled with my own, enable us to give you access to a full-service marketing consultancy, without overheads that are usually associated with big agencies, and all that without any compromise on time, effort, and dedication.

On a day to day basis I develop strategies with my clients, work with my team to create the deliverables and put the whole plan into action for you. 

If you think you have a project that you would like to discuss with me, then you probably do. ​

Madhu - Content - The Other M ! 

I am a marketing professional with 12+ years of experience, with specialization in content creation, planning, and consulting. I started my career in public relations and then moved onto digital marketing, where I worked as a Content Manager, Content Strategist, Writer, and Content Visualizer. Over the course of her career, I had great opportunities to work with some major global brands like L’Oreal, Merck, JP Morgan, to name a few, which shaped my experiences as a content specialist. With each client different from the other, it pushed me to learn about different industry domains, across lifestyle, travel, fashion, food and beverage, HR, business leadership and management, real estate, and education. I have also worked with clients in different countries, giving me an edge as a professional, and helping me understand different markets and their content needs. After years of being employed in advertising and marketing in different agencies, I ventured out as an independent contractor, helping local and international startups and mid-sized companies to grow their businesses.

You can read more about me and my  work, here.

Liezel Schultz - Graphic Design Lead

I pride myself on my engagement with our clients, in that I work with Emily and the team to become part of your business strategy to reach you customers.

I form a bond that allows me to deliver the best design approach to meet your needs. Whether I am working with a Business Owner, Brand Manager or other members of your team, I work to understand your the needs and agree the best approach to defining their design brief.

From the first moment that I have defined your design brief with you, my creative approach takes off and I aim to deliver a personalised design solution, that at a minimum, exceeds your expectations in a tangible and meaningful way.

Let’s Work Together

20 Harcourt Street

D02 H364

Enterprise House

O'Brien Road 


R93 YOY3

Tel: 087 133 4243

Thanks for contacting us, we will be in touch very soon because lets face it, nobody like waiting!
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